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Freight Broker

Whether you carry freight or need to ship it, there are so many moving parts that it’s easy to drop the ball. Miscommunications, delays, and freight damage can cost you big time. 

We use our expertise to improve delivery times, prevent damage, and increase your supply chain efficiency. These brokers offer lower rates because they combine the freight volume of all the shippers they work with, negotiating lower rates that they pass on to their customers. 

Truck Dispatch

We do responsible for recording transportation expenses like mileage, fuel use, and repairs. We are also expected to keep track of all shipping and delivery details. We plan routes that will ultimately save the driver’s time and the company money.

TBI logistics will ensure the accuracy of completed timesheets, payroll, and other summaries, depending on the size of the company we work with. We also responsible for sourcing new drivers or external trucking companies to fulfill ever-increasing project demands. 

Customs Clearance + Final End Delivery

We offer custom clearance at all US ports. We specialize in FDA / USDA clearances, processing time-sensitive entries, and ensuring smooth & fast release. Then, we deliver your goods to the final end destination.